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Al Roker barking in Oklahoma is bizarre

EPD arrest backwards driver

When you drive backwards, people tend to notice.  EPD got this on video downtown Evansville.  Thank God he didn't hurt anyone.  You're not Mater dude.  He's the world's best backwards driver.  Duh.


Weatherman forced to evacuate on the air

Watch the video where the weather guy is forced to evacuate while ON THE AIR.  If I'm watching that I'm getting a litte freaked out. 


Nikki Minaj / Lil' Wayne Performance at the Billboard Music Awards

Ummmm........okaaaaaaaaay?????  What did you think about this performance? 


Kanye all angry on SNL

I watched this and thought to myself WTF is wrong with Kanye?  Man, he's angry.  Good Lord.  What did you think? 

Dwyane Wade goes to Prom!

I think he should be commended.  He IS in the middle of the play-offs and this is something these girls will never forget.  Good for you Mr. Wade!

Workout video with guy on the toilet you not watch your videos before airing them?  LOL.  Watch for the guy on the toilet at :20 and :33

European Arm Wrestling Championships in Lithuania

Someone call the Exorcist. 


Zion Benton High School does Prom in a special Way!

Way to go ZBTHS!  The kids in Zion Illinois elected Justin Prom King and this video is very touching.  What a great group of kids. 

Greatest Karaoke Couple in the World!

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