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Cookie Monster "Me Want It"

He's a raging cookie-holic.  Do you think he'd kill someone for cookies?  

Biker Gang gives boy birthday present

A boy battling brain cancer  wanted a motorcycle ride and a local biker caught wind of it and got 80 of his fellow bikers to give him a bike ride to his birthday party.  Pretty cool.

Bear steals a dumpster

Would you pay $500 to learn Double Dutch?

Apparently some people would.

Atom and Shawnda Twerk on Video

How do you waste time at work?

According to a new study of 2,000 people, the average person spends an hour of work each day on personal stuff . . . or just wasting time online.  And not just to deal with a few odds and ends.  Each day, the average worker does NINE different non-work-related tasks.


The Bill Clinton / Blurred Lines Mash Up

Is this the worst job in the world?

We'll let this video speak for itself

Dad films one second a day for the first year of son's life

This is pretty cool!


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