Romeow the Cat

Meet our intern Casey's girlfriend Leighanna and Romeow the Cat.  Romeow has a FACEBOOK.  Request him as a friend. They stopped by for an in studio visit. 

Hadi Shrine Circus

We took a group of youngin's from the Boys n Girls Club to the Hadi Shrine Circus at Roberts.  

Smasher Family Halloween

We took Ryder and Cooper trick-or-treating.  It was cut short when Ryder started acting like his normal jerk 2 year old self.  Oh well....

Halloween Party Crashing 2010

We went to several Tri-State Halloween Parties with Hot swag for our peeps.  It was LOTS of fun and we saw tons of great costumes.

Celebrities I've Met

Throughout my years in radio, here are a few celeb's I've met.

Crash my Class (North High School)

Alexia signed up her class for Crash and we invaded Mrs. Detroy's Spanish class.  Here are some pics.

Halloween at the McNeal's

Shawnda has a crew over with the kids for every Halloween.  She's that party planner girl everybody knows. 

2010 Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Atom was emcee of the 2010 Memory Walk to benefit Alzheimer's disease.  A worthy cause you can join HERE.  Thanks to all that came out to support.  They raised over $100,000!