So Judgemental

So I took a picture and put a caption underneath to post on Facebook and it caused a huge discussion.  The pic was of Katie at dinner drinking a beer (it was her birthday) and Cooper was in her lap.  She was holding him so I could eat.  He as being fussy and wouldn't stay in his seat without crying.  She had 1 beer because it was her birthday but made a comment to me about how trashy she looked holding a baby drinking a beer.  Well I thought  it was funny.  Because it's so far from the truth.  My caption read "Getting wasted with a baby in your lap is the best."  Joking of course.  Well, someone commented on the picture and said, "Great parenting....grow up."  Katie was furious because someone else telling her about her parenting really gets under her skin.  It bothers me a little but there's usually someone with no sense of humor quick to judge and make snippy comments because they think they're all high and mighty.  Anyway, what's wrong with drinking a beer or having a drink at dinner if your kids are there.  As long as you're not getting tanked right?  Or is it trashy?  I think the comment was more towards my caption than the actual picture.  P.S. How cute is my baby?