Putting you in the mood

According to this article here are things your man can say to put you in the mood.  Agree or disagree?


“I screwed up, and want to hear your thoughts.” Admit what you did. Confessing an error in judgment leaves you exposed and vulnerable, which makes her want to wrap you in her arms and make everything all better.

“Did you know you have a heart shaped freckle on the back of your left thigh?” After the first few months of sex, it sort of becomes cut-to-the-chase down and dirty lovin’. Mapping out her body puts her in the mood for incredible sex. Spend an afternoon on a blanket in the living room going over every inch of her… you won’t get past her elbows before she’s planting a big wet kiss on you.

“I’m organizing a team of volunteers for the Summit for Someone.” Helping others boosts your sex appeal. It shows you can put your own needs aside, and it makes her feel like she’s dating up. She’ll want join forces with you on your life’s quest.

“You must be exhausted. Let’s take a hot shower and I’ll scrub your back.” The number one reason she turns down sex is because she’s so stressed. Blast the hot water, light candles, set the mood…and she can relax. Then you can get down to business.

“I want to accomplish a few key things in the next five years.” When a woman hears a man talk about the future with a “whatever” attitude, her level of respect drops, and her thighs snap shut. This isn’t college, get a plan and share it with her. Then she’ll share herself with you.

“I’m taking the day off tomorrow to chaperone my niece’s field trip.” Women are impressed with men who are driven to succeed, and even more impressed when those men can put their family first….especially if that family member is under 12. She’ll instantly think about her having kids with you, and then she’ll melt and hop right into bed with you to start the process.