Hot 96 "Pay Your Bills" Rules

(WSTO) Hot 96 “Pay Your Bills” Contest Rules – Spring, 2011

1)      The Hot 96 “Pay Your Bills” contest is played Monday through Friday during the Atom Smasher Morning Show on Hot 96. Only one prize winner will be chosen each day of contesting. Contesting will run weekdays only from March 21st through April 15th, 2011.
2)      To be eligible to enter Hot 96 listeners must become club members, if not already, by logging on to and signing up. Sign up is free. They must then click on the “Hot 96 “Pay Your Bills” story on the homepage. After this they will need to provide a small amount of personal contact information along with what their bill is, how much their bill is and why they want us to pay it. Every weekday morning Atom & Shawnda will select one entry and announce the persons name on air. That person will have a limited amount of time to call the morning show back at 812-491-9468 or toll free at 888-685-1961. Doing so will get their bill paid up to $200.
3)      Amount of bill paid will be a maximum of $200. Listeners can submit higher bills, but we will only provide a maximum of $200 toward it.
4)      There can only be a maximum of one winner per household for the duration of the contest. A household consists of adults age 18 years of age or older and living at the same home address.
5)      No substitutions for prizes. Winner must provide their own government / legal documents. This is solely the responsibility of the winner. Qualifiers must possess a valid picture identification. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
6)      Winners are responsible for any state, federal, or local taxes that may apply. To take possession of the prize, the winner must sign a letter of release for promotional / legal purposes.
7)      By playing, all participants automatically release to Hot 96 the right to use their name, voice, and likeness.
8)      Employees and immediate families of South Central Media and its affiliates, sponsors, and their owners and agents are ineligible to participate, nor employees of other radio stations or broadcast media outlets within 100 miles.
9)      Hot 96 is not responsible for loss of service to contest number due to overload, busy signals, or other reasons that may prevent anyone from completing their call. Hot 96 is not responsible for any technical problems.
10)   Hot 96 / Its Owners / Agents are not responsible for any prize deemed defective or insufficient or for failure to deliver on the part of any sponsoring agent or supplier.
11)   Hot 96 has the sole right to initiate and end contest play. Only Hot 96 can declare an actual winner. All decisions made by Hot 96 are final. Hot 96 reserves the right to change or modify the rules at any time.
12)   If it is discovered that the contest rules were violated in any way, prize winnings will be immediately refunded to Hot 96. South Central Media is not responsible for ANY mishaps that may occur during qualifying.
13)   Official contest rules are available online at or at our offices or by sending a S.A.S.E. to Hot 96 “Pay Your Bills” Rules, P.O. Box 3848, Evansville, IN, 47736.

* 3/1/11