Halloween Food Costumes

Here are 10 Halloween costumes that will surely impress your foodie friends: 1. Food Blogger- Carry a camera and a snack. Take ages photographing any cocktail or morsel you decide to consume. 2. Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking- This is one of the most famous cookbooks of all time with a cult following to be reckoned with. Wear turquoise clothes, a beret and carry a rolling pin. 3. Instagram of Food- Dress up as any food your heart desires but all in sepia tones or black and white. 4. Cronut- Buy a bunch of novelty plastic donuts and croissants for kids and hot glue them to yourself. Done. 5. Squid Ink- Sport all black everything, tape a picture of a squid to yourself and add a hefty price tag. 6. Ina Garten- Wear a giant denim shirt, pearl earring, a bobbed brown wig and go without shoes if you can swing it safely (she’s the barefoot contessa, guys). Or you could just wear an angel costume. 7. Dietary Restriction- Dress all clean and sanctimonious-like in a Gwyneth Paltrow sort of way. Decline almost any food offered to you and say something like “I wish I could, but I’m gluten-free and that will definitely give me diarrhea.” 8. Le Creuset Cookware- Dress all in one bright and beautiful color, iron a Le Creuset logo onto your top. Wear your hair in a top knot like it’s the knob on a lid. 9. Super Food- Dress like a super food and add a cape. Easy peasy. 10. Perfect Pairing- This is a couples costume. You or your honey dress like your favorite food and the other one dresses like a bottle of whatever wine would pair best with the meal.