5 Things I'm all about this week

1.  Tumblr - If you aren’t on it you need to be.  Today’s hilarious find:  Sexy Men and their Twin Cats.   

2. Pies - Yes Pies…..Thanksgiving always reminds me of fresh homemade pies.  Pumpkin, Apple, Pecan, Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Cherry….I’ve never met a pie I didn’t like.  That’s right, you can keep your cake.  I’m a pie guy.

3.  Pearl Jam - One of my favorite bands of all time and I think Eddie Vedder is a bigger voice of my generation than Kurt Cobain ever was.  Lightning Bolt is great and I got to listen to it this weekend.  

4.  Justin Timberlake - After seeing his show Friday I appreciated him on a whole new level.  He plays for 3 hours!  He sings, plays piano, and even guitar.  He did Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis and it was really good.  He has that star quality Elvis had.  (Before he got hooked on drugs and food and blew up and started wearing sequins).  Really, it’s a great show and not a bad place to find hot moms.  They are everywhere.

5.  Beau and Theo on Instagram - A mother of three adopted a puppy who was instantly drawn to her toddler son Beau.  They named the puppy Theo and everyday when the mother puts Beau down for a nap, Theo follows and plops right down on him and they sleep for a minimum of 2 hours together.  She started an instagram for these pictures and they are so adorable you might die from the cuteness.