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Firefighter Squirrel

The Money Shredder Alarm Clock


Apparently we need to threaten to shred our own money to get up in the morning.  "Getting fired" isn't motivation enough.  LOL.

Soldier covers Rihanna "Stay" and it's Awesome!

Kid sings the Beatles (GREATEST VIDEO EVER)

Tri-State Trivia (Leaf Blower Edition)

The answers are either Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois.  Will Atom get the leaf blower to the face? 


Say it with Bacon

Stop caring about Amanda Bynes PSA

Hands Free Whopper Holder

Oh the laziness.....

How to diaper a chicken

A better question is WHY would you diaper a chicken?  We'll cover that in a future post. 

Teacher quits on YouTube

You go girl!   It IS broken.  God bless teachers who put up with the crap they have to.  My wife still keeps in touch and has relationships with former students but those days are all but gone.  No personal attachment, just RAISE SCORES RAISE SCORES!  Mandate this, mandate that.  So sad.  Watch as much as you can.  But she is very well spoken. 


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