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Facebook Fixes


New Facebook changes annoying to you?  Here are some easy fixes.



Problem 1: News Ticker shoving TMI updates in your face

Solution: Install Facebook News Ticker Remover on Google Chrome or the Facebook Ticker Removal on Firefox. The add-on will automatically remove the feature.

Problem 2: Facebook Timeline shares your worst moments with the world

Henderson County High Locker Room Scandal

This makes us sick.  What is wrong with kids?  When will it stop?  Full story on 14 News about a boy that was videotaped in the shower by other students.  They then sent out the video to other students.

Atom 's Movie Review: Underworld: Awakenings

So I just saw Kate Beckinsale's in Underworld Awakenings in 3D. Yes she was naked and NO you couldn't see anything (Boooooooo). The 3 D was pretty cool with all the fight scenes but there was a lot of slow parts and non action scenes that made the 3 D effect worthless. This one was more bloody and gory than the previous ones but overall it was just ok. They left it open for another which I will go on record and predict Kate will NOT be apart of. It will probably focus mainly on her daughter who was introduced in this one. Next time show at least some butt cheek Kate.

Signs she's interested in you

1. The first glance--This is the most important part of the process. If a woman likes you, you should expect her to hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal. If she finds you attractive, she'll look away and then look back.

Little Kid Big Hero

Have you ever heard of a 9 year old boy asking for only donations of dog and cat food for his birthday presents? No? Then let me introduce you to Gavin  who turned 9 yesterday (1/20/2012) and this is what he asked for his birthday. Would you look at all the donations he got for the animals at our humane society! His mom and him brought in this much needed food today and some of the staff and volunteers along with our president got the chance to thank him and shake his hand. What a wonderful thing for a young boy to ask for. I hope that more children look at him as a example.

8 Types Of Single Men That Should Come With A Warning Label

The 'Let's Play it By Ear' Dater
This type of person is one of the most frustrating. They absolutely won't commit to any sort of date in the near future - let alone be a good, reliable partner for the long-term. If you meet someone who likes to say, "I'll let you know...maybe...or I will get back to you," do yourself a favor and lose their number.

Spice it up! The 8 Best Places For A Quickie from


1- Elevator: An elevator is high on our list of eight locations for a quickie, although going up or down several floors isn't usually sufficient time get things done. We recommend you stall the elevator given that you don't trigger any alarms by doing so, unless you enjoy getting caught.

2- Movie theater: You may think this one has been done to death but getting busy in a movie theater is always a thrilling experience, and there's less chance of getting caught

What will cost you more in 2012

Six things predicted to cost you more in 2012 from Consumer Reports

1.Airfare: Plane tickets will most likely cost you more in 2012, as fewer seats are available despite growing demand. The prediction by dealnews cites American Express, which forecasts airfare prices in the U.S. to increase up to about 5 percent for coach and up to about 7 percent for business class.

2.Food: Retailers have said that food prices are rising and that those increases will be reflected in the price you pay at checkout.

Should you wait for the iPad 3?

Release Date

Tracking the rumors on the release date has been a roller coaster. First the buzz said the iPad 3 would come out in time for the 2011 holiday season… nope. Then display problems from manufacturers were rumored to push the release all the way back to Fall 2012. Now, according to multiple Apple analysts, the display is in production, and we should expect an early spring debut.

8 Things Guys Notice about You right away

Ummmm....I think you forgot something....


1. How Thick Your Hair Is--This is all about evolution. Since caveman days, dudes have been drawn to thick hair, which signal that a woman is healthy.

2. If Your Smile Is Genuine--Sometimes your eyes crinkle a bit when you smile. Most men are good at distinguishing the vibe of this kind of smile, which says you’re relaxed and fun.

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