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How to get your parents to do your taxes

What do your parents still do for you?  I am proud to say that I've been on my own since I was 18.  My wife however had her mom pack her lunch until the age of like 28.  Here is a video from that tells you how to get your parents to do your taxes. you need them to wipe your nosey too? 

Guy breaks into dog cage to get it to lick his butt

This story has me laughting!  A drunk guy breaks into a dog cage and tries to get a dog to lick his butt?  Yep, welcome to Evansville!

Baked Potato smell makes you happy?

According to this it does.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass and gasoline.  Oh, and coffee too.  I love the smell as much as the taste. What smell do you absolutely love and can instantly put you in a good mood?

VIDEO ALERT: Marine suprises daughter at talent show

This is warm and fuzzy.  Her reaction is awesome.  Almost makes me wish I had a daughter.  I said ALMOST.

Expelled for Tweeting

Here's his tweet. 

Here’s the tweet: "F*** is one of those F****** words you can F****** put anywhere in a F****** sentence and it still F****** makes sense."

Should he have been expelled?  Here's the story.

Drunk Girl Tries to make out with a Tree

Language NSFW.  You have to be 18 anyway to view.  Check her out.  LOL....this is why I'm glad I don't have a daughter who will be going on Spring Break one day.

Best Mugshot Ever!

Check this guy out.  He was wearing a sombrero and boxing glove and jumped on the hood of a cop car. 

Karate Cat Video!

The Underwear Flask

Just unzip your fly and pour away.  It might look like your peeing in your cup but the jokes on them because you're drinking a nice luke warm beer in a plastic cup.



Hunger Games Fans SERIOUS about their trivia

When you tell "Hunger Games" fanatics their answers are wrong (when they're really right) they freak out.  Pretty funny.   Watch it here

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