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Kelly Clarkson takes a stab at Idol

In this promo for "Duets" they make fun of American Idol.  Biting the hand that fed her?  What do you think?

Groom surprises bride with Justin Bieber Song

Groom surprises his bride at the altar by singing Justin Bieber "Baby".  I can't tell if she's happy or really uncomfortable.  Watch the Video.

Rapper Biz Marke collects WHAT???

This is hilarious.  I just picture Biz in his play room with these things.  What is Biz Marke's strange collection obssession?  Click to find out.

Heritage Hills Band LIVE!

Check out their great event in Lincoln City tomorrow (4-21-12) and help support a great local kid's music program!  All of their funds are raised by parents and volunteers and they came by to play us some Adele!  Listen to it HERE!  Info on their event HERE

Baby does pull ups!

Is this baby REALLY DOING PULL UPS?  Watch for yourself.

Tupac Ressurected

Check out what they did at Coachella bringing back Tupac to rap with Snoop and Dre.  Cool or Creepy?  VIDEO.

Angelina's engagement ring up close

Not a fan.  Of her or her ring.  It's too square looking.  No?  Look for yourself.

Baby can't stop laughing at vaccuum

CUTE BABY ALERT!  Warning:  Do NOT click this if you don't want to smile.

Boyfriend changes FB status to single. Girlfriend drives his car into a bowling alley.

She drove his car through a bowling alley after he changed his Facebook status to single.  WATCH THE VIDEO!

Sweet Brown is the new Antoine Dodson

Sweet Brown's "I Got Bronchitis".  I'd like to see her spell bronchitis.  Come to think of it,  I don't think I could without spell check.

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