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Women need to stop doing these things

The Huffington Post had a great list of things women should stop doing immediately.  What do you think?   What's left off?  


1. Apologizing all the time.

iOS 7 Software Update

Before downloading the new iOS 7 software to your Apple device consider watching this or reading THIS. (via Gotta Be Mobile)  You might not like it.  Then again you might.  Happy reading/watching. - Atom

Beard trimmer with a FRICKIN' LASER!

Attention beard lovers and those with beard lovers.  Check out the latest trimmer from Phillips with a frickin' laser.  


via Gizmodo 

FEMA PSA's are pretty funny

These are pretty funny.  Laugh then get prepared.



Movie trailer voice guy pranks people

What a way to walk down the aisle

This is an interesting wedding entrance.  

Balloon Animal Iron Man Suit

I want this guy for my birthday party. 


Mama June and her toilet

WOW.....that's all I have to say.  WOW.

Kids recitals gone wrong

Things Kids can teach us about life


blogger Melissa Sher (via Huffington Post)

1. They go with their gut. Small children don't spend a lot of time fretting over whether they made the right decision. They'd much prefer to spend time fretting over whether you gave them the right color of cup at lunch.

2. They live in the moment. They don't dwell in the past. They don't worry about the future -- unless they are being told that it's almost bedtime.

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