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Kriss Kross's Chris Kelly dies at 34

He was found in Atlanta.  Cause of death is unknown.  Let's remeniss over this classic.


The Blackhawks like what???

The Rapping Real Estate Agent

Dog drives around Brooklyn

Well this seems safe.  

Kids will fall asleep ANYWHERE!

When is the last time you fell asleep with a chicken nugget hanging out of your mouth?  Were you a kid or were you drunk? 

The GREATEST (errr....creepiest) Transmission Commercial EVER

I need a shower.  

Why I don't play with wild animal

Why are people obsessed with getting close to animals?  Seriously

Couple steals gas. Girl gets clotheslined.

Never steal gas.  And if you do, don't take off before your girlfriend is in the car and closeline her with the gas pump.

Weatherman with the hiccups

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5 Things Real Adults Do


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