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Students rant on teacher

Goat Lucky (because goats make everything better)

Detroit woman KEEPS IT REAL

What guys don't understand about your beauty regimine

My (Atom) wife will take 3 hours to get ready.  Not joking.  Serious.  3 FRIGGIN' HOURS.  It takes me 10 min WITH a shower.  



9 Things Men Will Never Understand About Our Beauty Regimens 

Why we need to use eyebrow pencil when we have perfectly fine, functional eyebrows already on our faces.

4 Year Old Serenades Ellen

Tweet Pee

10 Year Old teaches College Guys How to be a Gentlemen

Girls with Tattoos

According to, more women have tattoos than men.  A new study says that 59 percent of people with tattoos are female.

Moms, stop stressing

Read this below and see if you had the reaction I did.  You're married to the WRONG FRIGGIN GUY!  I try to relieve my wife's stress and help out when I can.  Stop complaining, because you chose him.  Ok, (really I'm sorry) I'll get off my soapbox. 

Mother's Day Survey from

- 46% of moms say their husbands/partners cause them more stress than their kids do.

- 72% of moms stress about how stressed they are.

Chores that burn 100 calories

According to Fox News, here are simple chores that burn 100 calories.  How many have you burned today?  I'm at zero.  Atom


1. You could catch up on your DVR episodes of "Mad Men," but spending that 60 minutes washing and drying a sink full of dishes like a Betty Draper-esque housewife will be much more beneficial to your calorie count. Try multitasking entertainment and chores to burn 100 calories.

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