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Apr 18, 2011

Watch HERE as this dude pays $120 for a complete wax down there.  Ladies, is this sexy? 

Apr 12, 2011

Rabbi Jonathan Romain has come up with 20 questions to help couples decide whether or not they are compatible. He hopes to reduce the divorce rate from 50% to one-in-16. Romain says, I ask people to fill in the question sheets without consulting each other and then get them to compare the answers,’ he said. ‘Sometimes this results in squeals of delight at being spot on, other times groans at getting it wrong."

What is his/her favorite food?

Does he/she want to have a pet at some stage?

Does he/she have any allergies?

Apr 10, 2011

These days, it takes parents twenty minutes to get their kids to go to bed and about 25% say that it takes them a half hour.  Some parents hate to admit that they'll just give into their kids' demands and let them "finish this level" or "watch five more minutes of a TV show". When it came to bribes, 17% of parents said that they told their kids they can have a later bedtime on the weekend, 28% say that can watch more TV, and 6% are bribed with sweets.

Mar 13, 2011

I need to start updating this blog (and not just the show blog) more often.  If you listen to the show you know that Katie and the kids are gone for over 2 weeks and everytime they go to visit her family I go through the same thing.  Incredible boredom.  See I don't have a lot of close (if any) guy friends here and when they are gone I'm left alone in my house feeling sorry for myself.  Pathetic, I know.  I can't seem to find anyone my age with similar interests who I can hang with.  Am I that socially inept?  Shawnda and Katie seem to think so

Mar 4, 2011

Some places in the U.S. might see the first ever $5 a gallon gas.  Here's a site that might save you some money.  There's also an app for iPhone and Android.

Mar 3, 2011

According to these are sure fire chick magnets.  What do you think?  What are they forgetting?

1. Puppy
Girls are naturally drawn to cute cuddly things so it only makes sense that if she sees you with a puppy, she'll come running over instantly. They also assume that if you're capable of taking care of a puppy, you must be capable of taking care of them.

Mar 3, 2011

Don't do these.  Atom came up with some others that you shouldn't do either. 


Jan 27, 2011

What your Butt says about you:

Men with muscular butts:  strong, persistant, and enduring in bed.

Women with round butts:  sexually active, materialistic, and unkind

Wrinkly butts:  reliable, steady, and calm.  Asymmetrical wrinkles expose selfish and greedy people.

Saddlebag butts:  faithful in love and marriage.  Men and women with such butts are hopelessly mediocre individuals.

Women with saggy butts:  good wives and careful mothers. 

Jan 4, 2011

Looking to pass the time when you're supposed to be working?  Try These to pass the time.  WARNING:  Puppets with human eyes is extremely disturbing.