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Jan 11, 2013


The 2013 Oscar Nominees


Jan 10, 2013

Jan 10, 2013

People's Choice Awards: List of winners

People's Choice Awards 2013 backstage.Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Movie Icon: Meryl Streep

Favorite Action Movie: "The Hunger Games"

Favorite Action Movie Star: Chris Hemsworth

Favorite Face of Heroism: Jennifer Lawrence, "The Hunger Games"

Favorite Comedic Movie: "Ted"

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Dramatic Movie: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Favorite Dramat

Jan 8, 2013

No.10 A drink with a name you can't pronounce. A man should never order a drink he can't pronounce.

No.9 Malibu & Diet Coke Malibu, as a rule, is a horrible beverage. Diet Coke, moreover, is a soda for weight-conscious administrative assistants. The two together are like a typhoon of emasculation.

No.8 Fuzzy Navel. Ah, peach Schnapps. You tortured us for one night in high school, and we never made the same mistake again. Do we need to repeat ourselves? Peach Schnapps: Not suitable for drinking after high school.

Jan 7, 2013

Here's the website we were talking about this morning where you can enter your own song in the "Birthday song contest".  Check out ours and create your own!  

Dec 6, 2012



Nov 29, 2012

THIS VIDEO is huge and hilarious.  What happens when people share TOO MUCH INFORMATION?  Look at the crazy in them eyes!